I was born in 1969 into a traditional Spanish family (being the sixth and last child of the Marquis of La Felguera). I learnt to hunt with my father and brothers at my family hunting place, Los Baños de Villanarejo, where four generations of my family have hunted, as well as some hunters from around the world.

Finishing my studies and getting a degree in BBA as well as a MIB, I started working in different family businesses until 1996, when I decided to dedicate my professional life to providing international hunters with the best quality hunts in Spain.

Since then, I have successfully harvested many trophy animals with my clients  in my home country. Continuing with the same passion with which I started, I wish you the best hunting in Spain.

Yours in good hunting,

Spain is an ideal country for hunting, its geographical location and its topography makes it perfect for this sport, offering a variety of animals. Click on the animal species below to view trophy photographs and species information.

If you like Wing Shooting, you have to hunt our Red Legged Partridge, with its unique and challenging flight pattern much sought after by wing shooters from all over the world.

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Species distribution

Click on the corresponding legend on the left to view details of each animal species.