Dama dama

“Fallow” is from the Old English fealu, meaning a light yellowish-brown color. Sometimes called common fallow deer to distinguish it from the endangered Persian fallow deer (D. mesopotamica) of Iran.


(male) Shoulder height 36-43 inches (91-109 cm). Weight 140-220 pounds (64-100 kg), sometimes more. Females are smaller.Medium-sized, with more color variations than any other deer.

The four principal ones are:

  • typical-summer coat of rich brown with white spots and lighter underparts, changing to dark gray-brown in winter with spots barely visible; menil-pale fawn with white spots
  • white (but not albino)
  • black-not actually black, but very dark brown. There are many intermediate color variations.
  • Antlers have brow and trez tines (bez tines are usually absent), and are well-palmated at the top, with a number of tines coming off the rear edge of the palmation.

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