In October of 2019 my wife and I embarked on a 2 week trip to Spain, with Spanish mountain hunts with Gonzalo Colomina. This trip would turn out to be the best hunt I was ever a part of. The hunting and the country side we toured was amazing. Gonzalo is a tremendous host. I would recommend him highly.
Rick Frazier
Real Hunts Real Stories TV Show HostTexas, USA
Rest assured u will be well represented. Including the great care taken of the hunters spouse!!Most everyone at this event travels with there significant other. Sorry for the brevity and misspells. Sent from my iPhone with a small keyboard!
Dr Jerry O’Daniel MD FACS
, Kentucky, USA
In February 2020 we arranged a shooting trip to Spain with 16 of my game shooting friends, including my two sons, who are all very keen shots and enjoy a good time they have shoot many magnificent estates in Scotland but many had not shot in Spain before.
Gonzalo Colomina arranged the most Fabulous trip, which turned out to be one of the best hunts we all had ever been too. The hospitality was truly amazing, and it will be a trip my friends and sons will never forget.
Gonzalo not only took care of the shooting, but he also arranged great dinners in Madrid, all travel, and was the perfect host nothing was ever too much trouble and commercially he is very fair and trustworthy. Can’t wait to go back.
The PATTERSON shooting syndicate
, United Kingdom
As I reflect back to my first trip to Spain I can’t help but think how lucky I was to book with Gonzalo. Absolutely the best personalized trip a hunter could ask for. Gonzalo is hands down such a great host with absolutely with the most knowledge. I give Spanish Mountain Hunts 5 Stars with 100% trust.
Jeremy Williams
, Founder – CEO Hunt360
There is a reason I’ve personally hunted more than once with Gonzalo in Spain! He goes above and beyond to make sure we have a quality and successful hunt! He also puts in extra effort on the little details so we have a true cultural experience as well. I highly suggest hunting with Gonzalo, just be prepared to create life long memories!
Larysa Switlyk
Larysa Unleashed” TV Show host, Florida, USA
I have been shooting with Gonzalo for over 20 years and always been impressed by the quality of the sport, the superb organisation and fun from him and his team. Highly recommended if you want big or small game hunting anywhere in Spain.
Burghie Westmorland
, Earl of Westmorland, United Kingdom
I’ve only hunted once with Spanish Mountain Hunts and Gonzalo Colomina once but was very impressed with everything from start to finish. His accommodations are 1st class in a beautiful country home with lots of history. The estate is very impressive with Cork trees & Olive trees and other forest areas.

The mountains we went to for the Ibex and chamois part of the hunt were also very impressive and the lodging there was also 1st class. I inquired about a church for Sunday and he even took us to a small & quaint church in a small mountain village which was quite nice.

The small villages where we stayed and places we ate when not at his estate were all top of the line. Gonzalo even inquired as to our personnel tastes to be sure we would enjoy where we dined. He is also very knowledgeable about the Fauna & Flora and also took us to many tourist locations and several off the grid.
All of our Trophies were taken care of in a very professional manner. I can say without any reservations that this is one of the best Spanish hunts out of the 5 that I’ve been on.
Pat O’Neill
,Minnesota, USA
My hunt with Gonzalo for the mythical Gredos ibex ticked every box all the way from the moment I arrived in Spain . Hunting this extraordinary animal in the amazing setting of the Gredos mountain range was a dream I had for a long time and Gonzalo made that dream come true in spectacular fashion.
Philippe Vastapane
, Belgium
I have hunted several times with Gonzalo and each time left me with wonderful memories! The organization of the hunt was faultless and we always felt like coming home to a friend’s house. The hospitality is outstanding and I hope I will have plenty opportunities of coming back.
Philipp Guttenberg, Germany
Hunting in Spain with Gonzalo Colomina  was beyond wonderful. He is a professional hunter that handles all the details perfectly. We hope to return again. My wife, Bea and I, enjoyed first class care and fine cuisine. Spain is beautiful and the sightseeing is a fun way to spend any spare time. Be sure to allow some extra time. From the time we scheduled the hunt to receiving my trophies, Gonzalo always gave us very personal attention. For any hunter, Spain should be an adventure destination.
Dr Stanton C Southward
, Colorado ,USA
My wife and I have regularly shot with Gonzalo and his professional team in Spain for the last decade. We have enjoyed excellent logistics support and sporting shooting in a fantastic atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Ian Donald
, United Kingdom
Not only is Spain a wonderful destination for its scenic beauty and diversity as well as its fabulous food and wine but its trophy hunting for sheep and many goat species makes it a top destination for international hunters. I first met Gonzalo Colomina at a GSC/Ovis convention and immediately connected with his devotion to trophy hunting and ensuring that he could produce top quality trophies as well as a memorable problem free hunt.

I had hunted Spain successfully twice before with another outfitter taking three of the four Ibex so I knew what to expect. In the fall of 2018 Gonzalo and I hunted six different areas, each a great distance from the other, taking 7 different top medal trophies in 13 days. Despite the long drives between each trophy, the trips and accommodations were smooth and seamless and Gonzalo was great company and fulfilled his promises above my expectation.

I give him a top recommendation without hesitation on all aspects of the hunt from his timely contacts before the hunt, as well as from my arrival in Spain to my departure. He also ensured that my trophies arrived back into the United States in great shape with all the proper paper work…real professionalism at its best……..
Paul Wollenman
Email:, Texas, USA
Shooting with Gonzalo is very special . What an experience from the minute you land in Madrid . We were overwhelmed by the generosity and hospitality and to top it off world class driven partridge shooting . You can shoot all day long with birds in numbers and each drive out doing the last . Coming from Scotland the home of grouse , the shooting is definitely top shelf.
Mohsin Altajir
, Dubai United Arabs Emirates
Spain offers some of the best hunting experiences in the world. To hunt with Gonzalo in Spain is the best hunting in the country. However for my family going to Spain with Gonzalo has become much more of than experience. It has become an occasion and many treasured memories. Gonzalo and his team work very hard to ensure that not only is the hunting superb but to make everyone feel at home. As a result our trips to Spain have become a tradition which brings much happiness.
Haytham Al Tajir
, Dubai United Arabs Emirates
My wife and I hunted Iberian Red Stag and Iberian Mouflon Sheep with Gonzalo Colomina (Spanish Mountain Hunts) in October 2016. Gonzalo worked with us every step of the way advising the best times to hunt for both species and how to acquire the needed paperwork to hunt in Spain. Gonzalo picked us up at the Airport in Madrid and we had a scenic drive down to Los Banos De Villanarejo, some 200km SW of Madrid. The historic family accommodations were breathtaking, like staying in a museum, the art and artifacts were mesmerizing all by themselves. The sights, sounds and smells of the Spanish countryside was spectacular, from the Olive Groves to the mountains we were always surrounded by game animals. The exquisite dining, wine and lively conversations made us feel like honored guests. Both animals we harvested made the SCI record books. The variety of game and the abundance of quality trophy game animals far exceeded my expectations. This was our first hunting trip to Spain with Spanish Mountain Hunts but hopefully it will not be our last.
Pat & Kathy Riley
, Louisville, KY USA